Lilly Singh Puts 'Superwoman' Name To Rest In Emotional Instagram Post

Singh wrote in a post that she feels empowered by "Lilly."

Superwoman has evolved.

YouTuber and soon-to-be late-night host Lilly Singh announced in an Instagram post Tuesday that she’ll no longer be known as “Superwoman,” the moniker under which she rose to fame.

Singh, who’s used the nickname for almost a decade, wrote in her post that when she initially chose it for her YouTube account, she didn’t think much of it. It just matched her MSN messenger screen name.

“Based on a song by Lil Mo and Fabulous, I used to call myself Superwoman growing up because like any kid I wanted so badly to deal with life’s obstacles like a hero,” she explained in her post. “As I grew up, I held on to this belief that everyone could be their own superhero.”

Singh wrote that she hasn’t wavered from her philosophy. And though she understands that it’s been “heartwarming” to hear fans address her by her superhero name, she feels “even more empowered by the name Lilly.”

“Lilly has become an even bigger hero than Superwoman on this journey through my life. Lilly encompasses everything it took to get to where I am... and it’s a place I’m proud to be.”

Officially shedding her old name, Singh concluded, “Today my biggest and best super powers lay within Lilly and thus Lilly I shall be.”

Over the past few months, Singh has experienced several watershed moments. The comedian came out as bisexual in February, announcing that she was “fully embracing” all her traits as superpowers. The next month, NBC announced that Singh would be taking over NBC late-night host Carson Daly’s time slot, making her the only female late-night host currently on a major broadcast network.

“An Indian-Canadian woman with her own late night show? Now that is a dream come true,” Singh said in a statement. “I’m thrilled to bring it to life on NBC, and I hope my parents consider this to be as exciting as a grandchild.”

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