Lilly Singh: 'My Vagina Has Never Looked More Distinguished'

The host of NBC's "A Little Late" riffed on turning 31 in a birthday monologue.

“A Little Late” host Lilly Singh celebrated her 31st birthday on Thursday and gave her audience a present: a rollicking monologue about getting older.

The host of the new NBC show jabbed at a culture in which men actually welcome white hair.

“Cause men turn into George Clooney,” she said. “At the first sight of a white hair on a woman, she turns into that old lady who tries to give you apples on Halloween.”

But that was a mere setup:

“Finding white hair on your head is one thing, but finding white hair on your body is a whole different story,” she said. “But I will say that my vagina has never looked more distinguished.”

Watch the full routine above.

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