Lily Collins Claims She Encountered Ghost In Ireland

Is An Irish Ghost Haunting Lily Collins?!

Lily Collins told a pretty haunting story last night on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

While filming her new movie, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” Collins stayed at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, a hotel regularly visited by celebrities. Yet this visit included a presence, or as Collins said, a person standing in her room.

“I open my eyes and I hear a giggle,” she said. “And then I felt a rush of air across my body and I heard all these doors slamming, like fire doors -- the ones you don’t hear opening, but then the air -- it closes. Three of them -- and there were three doors outside my room.”

The hotel informed Collins that there was indeed a ghost named Mary Masters haunting the hotel's sixth floor, the floor on which she was staying. Many stories exist of Mary Masters, a ghost thought to have been 7 years old when she died in 1846.

Watch the video above for the full spooky story.

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