Lily Meola Sings One Of The Best Original Songs Ever On 'America's Got Talent'

Her deferred dream got new life on NBC's talent competition.

Lily Meola didn’t waste a second chance at stardom on “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday. (Watch the video below.)

She beautifully performed a moving original song called “Daydream” and earned the Golden Buzzer.

When she took the stage, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter told her story of landing a “major label” record and publishing deal ― but then losing it when she became a full-time caretaker for her mother, who later died.

Meola was in her teens when she performed at a Hawaiian venue and impressed audience member Willie Nelson, Yahoo reported. She toured with the country legend and was featured on Nelson’s 2013 “To All the Girls” album. Later, she had a deal with Interscope records when her mom, her “biggest cheerleader,” got sick.

As her song instructs, Meola didn’t quit her daydream and got another taste of making it on “AGT.” She got the Golden Buzzer push from judge Heidi Klum and major praise from Simon Cowell.

“There is something special about you,” Cowell said.

Listeners flocked to “AGT’s” YouTube clip of Meola, many over the moon about her original work.

“This is one of the most Inspirational Songs I’ve heard in a long time,” one commenter wrote.

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