Lily The Bear Cam Captures Live Birth Of Cub (VIDEO)

The "Lily The Bear Cam," a live Web cam of a black bear in hibernation in Minnesota, was in high demand today, as thousands tried to watch the bear's den upon news of an impending birth.

Lily The Bear did give birth to a cub today just before Noon today. An official Twitter update noted a few hours later, "Mother and cub are resting peacefully."

A blog post on the "Lily Den Cam," wrote yesterday, "Tension builds. Tomorrow is the day I wagered Lily will give birth."

Today the Lily The Bear Cam was experiencing server overload in light of the anticipation. A note was added, "We are experiencing some growing pains as we deal with record amounts traffic on the website. Please 'bear' with us."

The live Web cam was part of a research experiment led by Lynn Rogers of the Wildlife Research Institute to observe Lily The Bear's behaviors in the den during hibernation period.

The Guardian says that at three years old, Lily was the normal age for a bear to first give birth.

Lily The Bear also has a Facebook page and can be found on Twitter here.