This Beloved TikTok-Viral Eye Cream Is $8.99 For Black Friday

“My skin stays moist and firm for HOURS,” wrote a reviewer with mature and sensitive skin. Get it now on mega-sale.
LilyAna Naturals eye cream

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Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you should —except of course, that if the thing everyone else is doing is buying this budget-friendly and Tik-Tok famous eye cream, you should probably join in. With provitamins A and B5, vitamins C and E and rosemary leaf extract, this vegan moisturizer from LilyAna Naturals has thousands of Amazon reviewers raving about its effectiveness and reasonable price point.

And today, for Black Friday, it’s even more affordable.

This LilyAna eye cream has been hugely popular with the HuffPost audience for nearly a year, so it’s little surprise the #lilyananaturals tag has over 12 million views over on TikTok. While it’s beloved by users with more mature skin for helping firm the skin and helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, folks of all ages seem to enjoy this product for nixing under-eye bags and general moisturizing around their eye area, especially if they have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts.

TikToker @Buffalotrinket3 helped it go viral anew when she showed off the difference in the backs of her hands — one that she’d used for years to help apply her eye cream, and the other, which looked considerably more lined. She later revealed the eye cream she’d been using is LilyAna.

The complex botanical formula promises to help with puffiness, dryness and dark circles, leaving your skin hydrated and protected. It’s gentle enough to be used in the morning and night and promises to work with all skin types and textures. Simply place small dots of the product around the eye area and pat (don’t pull or tug) until its absorbed into the skin.

It’s worth noting that some recent reviewers have remarked on an update to the packaging, saying the latest pump design releases too much product — yet they love the eye cream so much they’re making it work, even giving detailed instructions on transferring it to a different container.

For a little extra oomph, you may want to grab the brand’s beloved retinol cream, which also has tons of five-star reviews.

See what people are saying about this affordable and effective product ahead, or just scroll all the way down to get some for yourself. (You can save even more on your purchase when you sign up for regular deliveries with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.)

“I really love this eye cream. It feels so soothing going on. I apply it every morning and at bed time. My mature skin just soaks it up. I just wish I found this sooner.” — JOJOinTN

“Best eye cream. Extremely light and silky while providing maximum moisture. No silicones/dimethicones! So this layers extremely well with other products and provides maximum hydration. I use this every night and it keeps fragile, mature skin moisturized and plumps fine lines.” — Jenny Smith

“This is a great product for my skin. I have mature sensitive skin that is hard to moisturize on a good day. I have tried several products that do not work for my skin type. This cream works and the best thing, my skin stays moist and firm for HOURS. And it does not irritate my skin at all. I only use organic skin care products and this LilyAna Eye Cream is the best around.” — QueenPeng4444

“I have never written a review for anything before, but I love this product so much that I just had to share my experience!! I know it takes time to see a difference in wrinkle prevention, but I started seeing results in less than a week. The fine line that I had under each eye was noticeably reduced. I also noticed that my under eye bags were significantly lighter! This product is so light and leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth. I keep it in the fridge (since it’s all natural) and love the coolness of it when I use it. Not only do I put this product on my eyes, but also on my forehead fine lines, neck, and hands!! One pump goes a long way. I am definitely a lifetime customer. I can’t recommend this product enough!!!!!!” — Katherine Neri

“I have to say I have tried about 30 other products and much more expensive for my dark circles under my eyes and this literally is the only product I could find on the market that actually worked. Comes with a excellent dispenser that allowed me to pump out the smallest amount I need. I put on after washing my face in the morning and it brightens my under eye dark circles. I then apply my makeup which is very minimal and my dark circles are gone. Also have no wrinkles or fine lines around my eyes at all. A great purchase and value for the price. Highly recommend” — Donna

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