Limbaugh: Anthony Weiner Controversy 'Hard To Swallow' (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh dismissed the controversy surrounding Anthony Weiner and a tweet that was sent from his account.

Over the weekend, a shot of a man's bulging underwear was sent to a woman in Seattle from Weiner's Twitter account. Weiner quickly said that his account had been hacked into. On his Tuesday show, Limbaugh wondered what all the fuss was about.

"It escapes me why this is such a big deal," he said. "The picture's not that big a deal ... this guy's already a weird little guy anyway." He also asked, "who has time to be writing about this?"

Of course, Limbaugh also took the time to work in several Weiner-related puns. Among them:

"Is Weinergate big enough to investigate?"

"The Weinergate story to me seems like it's hard to swallow."

"If this does not go to the FBI ... will he be giving his constituents and his opponents the shaft?"