Limbaugh Dubs Mitchell A "Butt Boy"

On MSNBC Wednesday, Andrea Mitchell agreed with Barney Frank that the press contributed to President Obama's staffing difficulties with "gotcha" journalism.

Today, in response, Rush Limbaugh has labeled her a "butt boy" on his radio show.


RUSH: Barney Frank blames the media for the fact that they're focusing on too many tax cheats who otherwise would be great employees at the Treasury Department. Andrea Mitchell says, "I take your point, Mr. Chairman, you're right, and we plead guilty." Moving on with the war. Moving on with the... (interruption) Nah. See, she does come off like a "butt boy" there. You know, they all are. People don't like the term, Snerdley. We have new people tuning in and they hear the term. They're not going to understand the humor with which we intend this. I apologize, folks. I know that there are millions of you new tuning in and you're just waiting for an excuse to tune out 'cause you're waiting for all these misconceptions you have to be confirmed, but call Andrea Mitchell whatever you want. For the media, she now accepts blame. Yeah, the media's keeping good people out of Treasury because they're focusing on tax cheats.

If you're keeping score, CNN's Ed Henry is also a "butt boy" but ABC's Jake Tapper, in addition to being an extraordinary Twitterer, is "outside of the butt boy bubble."