Limbaugh: I'm Not Moving To Costa Rica

Limbaugh: I'm Not Moving To Costa Rica

Much to the dismay of progressives everywhere, Rush Limbaugh is denying that he will move to Costa Rica if Congress passes health care reform. Speaking on his radio show, the conservative host clarified his earlier statement by saying that he will just travel to Costa Rica to receive private medical treatment if reform is passed, not move there permanently:

I've had all kinds of reporters: "Are you serious? Do you really mean this?" So I've had to patiently explain today to people who do not bother to stay informed on this stuff what the genesis and the primary context of my comment was. I said, "Look, there are insurance companies who don't want to be put out of business." We've talked to them on the program. I've talked to them privately. They are establishing health care clinics with quality doctors in places like Costa Rica. They're going to continue to sell policies to people who have the ability to fly down there and get treatment. If I have to get thrown into this massive government health care insurance business and end up going to the driver's license office every day when I need to go to the doctor, yeah, I'll go to Costa Rica for treatment, not move there.

Limbaugh boasted that his controversial remarks have led New Zealand to lament that he chose Costa Rica over that country:

People in New Zealand are sending me e-mails: "How come you're not coming here? You've been telling everybody you're moving to New Zealand and now you're saying you're going to Costa Rica." [...] Now, New Zealand is reading about this and they're all bent out of shape that I'm somehow not coming there, all because of the stupid media.

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