Limbaugh Likens Democrats' 'Quest For Power' To Drug Addiction

Limbaugh took the time today to weirdly equate the Democrats governing philosophy with criminal Oxycontin abuse. No, I don't think thissupposed to make sense.

Radio infotainer Rush Limbaugh took some time out today to talk frankly about his own drug addiction. HA HA KIDDING! Actually, Limbaugh took the time today to weirdly equate the Democrats governing philosophy with criminal Oxycontin abuse. No, I don't think this was supposed to make sense, thanks for asking!

LIMBAUGH: Have you ever had a genuine addiction to something? Well I have and let me tell you about it. It makes you entirely unreasonable and irrational. It is all you care about. Nothing else matters no matter how doesn't matter as much as the addiction. Feeding it, the fear of not being able to is what animates your existence every day. These people are addicted to power because they think it is their birthright. And I'm not just talking about the people in Washington, elected officials, I'm talking about some of -- not all -- but some of the rank and file, madcap insane liberals that you will find blogging, that you will find emailing, that you will find on the protest march. Their lives are basically meaningless, their addiction to power and dominance and control is what drives them.

That was off to a pretty good start, But then he sort of lost me, about halfway there, when addiction suddenly becomes conflated with perceptions of birthright. I don't think I've ever heard anyone argue a hereditary claim to drug use. And people start blogs and write letters and join marches not because they have an addiction to power -- they do so because they have no power, and are making use of the limited outlets they have to express themselves. I'm pretty sure that in order to become an addict, you've got to get a taste of the addictive substance, first. And mind you, we've just come through an administration whose own quest to consolidate power involved torture and insisting on the right to wiretap ordinary Americans and Dick Cheney's mindbending insistence that he was in the Legislative Branch sometimes.

What follows then is a lot of projection, where Rush places own discontent upon other people. Ahh, and then come the Lord Of The Rings metaphors! Listen to Rush describe the movie! I don't think he ever saw it!

Anyway, the Democrats "quest for power" is exactly the same thing as Rush being a pillhead, so obviously, the terrible Electoral College that allowed both of these things to happen should be hurled into the fires of Mount Doom, or something.


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