Limbaugh: Media Helping Obamas Cover Up Secrets


Rush Limbaugh used a controversial new book about the Obamas to float some new theories about the First Couple on his Monday show.

"The Obamas," by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor, has already prompted a fierce response from the White House to its stories of infighting between Michelle Obama and her husband's staff. But the media has latched onto another story in the book. Kantor alleges that the White House deliberately downplayed a lavish, Tim Burton-designed Halloween party held in 2009 so as not to appear out of touch with economically struggling voters.

Though they did not mention the details of the party in official briefings at the time, the White House has pushed back on this story as well, saying that the news of the party was mentioned in a Tennessee paper and on a Johnny Depp fan website.

Limbaugh, though, said he agreed with those who saw an aura of secrecy around the event. He also said the media was complicit in covering it up.

"No way the press didn't know about this," he said. "If we didn't know about this, what else is going on in there that we didn't know about... that the press knows about but is choosing not to report?"

Limbaugh also raised the subject of slavery and Jim Crow when he analyzed the Obamas' behavior in office. He said that the couple viewed their tenure as an opportunity to "live high on the hog," and that the idea that they were "owed this because of what's been done to us and our ancestors" was "part of" their thinking.

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