Limbaugh: Jake Tapper Not Obama's "Butt Boy" (AUDIO)

Limbaugh: Jake Tapper Not Obama's "Butt Boy" (AUDIO)

Look who's honoring Jake Tapper now! Rush Limbaugh, whose Octomom-like ubiquity is ensured some significant extension thanks to his use of the term "Butt Boy" -- which is always an awesome addition to the political discourse. Anyway, according to Limbaugh, CNN's Ed Henry is a "butt boy." Meanwhile, ABC's "Jake Tapper is the one guy that's outside of the butt boy bubble in the White House press room." I don't know if there's some sort of trophy that comes along with being decreed 'not a butt boy,' but Tapper should probably avoid it.


Jake Tapper has responded. By Twitter, naturally!

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