Limoncello Dessert Recipes (PHOTOS)

12 Desserts Spiked With Limoncello

If you've ever had limoncello, the Italian lemon liqueur, you know it's something quite amazing. Luckily limoncello is easy to make at home -- all you need is a bag of lemons, alcohol and sugar. (You may have seen food personalities like Giada De Laurentiis or Mario Batali make it before on TV.) The only part about making your own limoncello that can get annoying is the two- to four-week wait for the mixture to steep. But don't worry, because you can easily buy limoncello in the liquor store -- Danny DeVito even has his own brand.

But limoncello isn't just for drinking (it's nice served ice cold and sipped), it can also be used to flavor a number of desserts. Try it in cakes, cookies, ice cream and more. We've rounded up some of the best desserts from around the web that use this lovely Italian liqueur.

Lemon French Macarons With Limoncello White Chocolate Ganache

Recipes Using Limoncello