Lin-Manuel Miranda Drops Secret 'Hamilton' Song Just When We Need It Most

As Broadway goes dark amid the coronavirus outbreak, Lin-Manuel Miranda turns to music.

Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped a secret track from his smash Broadway musical “Hamilton” Thursday to provide a “little peace of mind” in these dark times.

The song offered a bit of light as Broadway went dark Thursday. The Great White Way will remain shuttered until at least April 12. “Hamilton’s” opening In Los Angeles was also postponed through the end of March, and performances were halted in San Francisco until March 25.

Miranda wrote the song for the first draft of his revolutionary hip-hop musical, but cut the tune before anyone had a chance to hear it, including “Hamilton” director Thomas Kail.

The song features Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, first played by Miranda on Broadway, asking George Washington for advice for “his friend,” who’s in a “bit of a bind.” Hamilton is actually seeking advice for himself on how to handle an emerging scandal over his extramarital affair with Maria Reynolds. The affair was a defining element of the play and widely viewed as a key reason why Hamilton never ran for president.

Miranda sings both characters’ lyrics. Check it out here:

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