Lin-Manuel Miranda Instantly Composes Coronavirus Quarantine Song For Conan O'Brien And Son

"OK, Boomer" won't win a Tony for the "Hamilton" star, but it's damn impressive.

Having tension with your kids during your shelter-in-place and need a song written about it stat?

Tell “Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, and he’ll get right on it.

Conan O’Brien on Tuesday enlisted the entertainer to compose an instant self-quarantine song on “Conan.” Miranda chatted with O’Brien about his day, learning that the talk show host woke up late, made a spinach and fruit shake and wrestled with his dog, Loki.

But a crucial detail provided Miranda with the key to his impromptu song. O’Brien’s 14-year-old son, Beckett, dissed his dad with an “OK, Boomer” when the tech-impaired O’Brien asked a question about Zoom.

“My son loves to ‘OK, Boomer’ me,” O’Brien told Miranda. “All he does is put me down for not being tech-savvy.” 

Miranda took only a few seconds to compose a song in his head, which he then performed live. “OK, Boomer, leave me alone. Conan’s stuck at home,” he sang in the chorus.

“OK, Boomer” may not be ready for Broadway, but it’s a nice diversion amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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