Cubs' Win Brings Baseball And 'Hamilton' Together In Perfect Harmony

Don't be shocked when your history books mention them.
No. 1!
No. 1!

Sure, Alexander Hamilton was mostly a New York guy — but you can’t deny he didn’t know hardship. Even if he wouldn’t have been a Chicago Cubs fan, he’d certainly be sympathetic to their 108-year run without a championship.

Now we know the Cubs would serve that love right back, thanks to a darling Twitter exchange between “Hamilton” musical creator/all-around genius Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Cubbies themselves after their historic 8–7 win over the Cleveland Indians that clinched the World Series Wednesday night. 

This is the kind of social media stuff we live for. With the success of its New York run, Miranda’s “Hamilton” expanded to the Second City in late September, bringing the Founding Father without a father to Midwestern fans.

Hilariously enough, Wednesday’s baseball game provided an unexpected boon for theater fans, with ticket prices for the Chicago show dropping from an average of $200 to $300 to a low of $158, according to the Chicago Tribune.

UPDATE 11/4— The cast of the Chicago production of “Hamilton” took the Cubs’ traditional victory song “Go Cubs Go” to a whole new level. That’s got to be the most professionally done, on-key rendition of that song ever performed.

Check it out below:

There’s only one more thing to say: We won, we won, we won, we won!



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