Lin-Manuel Miranda Looks Shockingly Different Without His Trusty Gray Sweater

Guess he couldn't say no to this.

“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is an unbelievable talent, a winner of countless accolades and an outfit repeater of the highest order.

That’s one of many reasons his appearance on the October cover of GQ is so notable. He looks the most dapper with his much buzzed-about haircut, a clean-shaven face, and a bomber jacket, and what’s most notable of all: The now-infamous gray sweater he’s ridiculed for wearing so often is nowhere in sight.

In case you’re not convinced of the momentousness of this occasion, consider consider the long history of tweets centered around his dedication to the bland gray rag:

The sweater even has its very own Tumblr.

Miranda credited the magazine with getting him to take it off. If anyone was going to get Miranda in something a bit more fashionable, it’s obviously GQ.

Who lives, who dies, who changes his sweater, amiright?

Head to GQ for more photos of this new version of Miranda, and an interview, too.