Lin-Manuel Miranda Has Hilariously Honest Questions For Jesus

"I just want to separate what really happened..." Don't we all, Lin.

There's a couple of things Lin-Manuel Miranda would like to clear up with Jesus. 

The Puerto Rican star and creator of the smash hit musical "Hamilton" sat down with the president of The Rockefeller Foundation, Judith Rodin, recently to discuss inclusivity in the arts and the Puerto Rican debt crisis. At the end of their chat, Rodin asked Miranda: "So, what person dead or alive would you like to have dinner with?"

The Tony-winning MacArthur genius was quick to respond, "Oh, I have so many questions for Jesus."

Miranda explained to Rodin and many amused audience members how growing up Catholic made him curious to know "what really happened" in Jesus's life. And, he shared some hilarious burning questions he'd like to ask Jesus regarding one of his most famous miracles (Because, bread and fish don't just multiply...or do they?). 

The conversation with Miranda was part of The Rockefeller Foundation's “Insight Dialogues” series, for which The Huffington Post is a media partner.

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda discuss his hilariously honest questions for Jesus in the video above. 



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