Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Every Inspirational Movie Teacher In 'SNL' Parody

"What up, fam?"

Last night on “Saturday Night Live,” Lin-Manuel Miranda was that substitute teacher. You know, the one who thinks they know what the kids these days are into, and tries to seem super ~hip~ while making a difference in students’ lives?

In a hilarious skit, which essentially parodied every inspirational teacher movie in Hollywood, the “Hamilton” creator tried to his best to connect with the class, but they saw right through his tired methods. 

“What up, fam,” he says as soon as he walks in the door, before introducing himself as Dale Sweeze. “You can call me Dale, you can call me Sweeze, but let’s take the Mister out of the picture.” 

One student, played by Kenan Thompson, lets out an “Oh man,” while his classmates nod their heads, feeling the secondhand embarrassment. Sweeze goes on talking, trying to convince the class that Shakespeare was the greatest rapper alive. 

“Yeah dude, we know. You’re not the first well-meaning sub to try and reach us through hip-hop,” another student, played by Mikey Thompson, says. 

Kenan chimes in again: “Let me guess, you were about to open your laptop and perform a rap version of ‘Hamlet’s’ ‘to be or not to be?’” he says, as Miranda scrambles to shut his computer, which was playing a pre-recorded version of exactly what Kenan described. 

“Oh wow, you already recorded it,” adds a student played by Pete Davidson. “Very sad.” 

Watch the whole skit above. 



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