Lin-Manuel Miranda Supplied Us With Levity And Brilliance In A Trying 2016

There's a million things he hasn't done — but he's also done quite a lot.
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How much do we love Lin-Manuel Miranda? We’ve counted the ways here on HuffPost Arts & Culture before.

Now, at the end of 2016, let’s look back at what has indisputably been the Time of Lin. He’s been a recurring bright spot in a year that, by most accounts, has been a veritable dumpster fire. During a drawn-out, mudslinging presidential campaign and an election that showed us we need outspoken artists more than ever, Miranda’s work and words have been both a call to arms and an entertaining refuge.

From the many awards his historical hip-hop show “Hamilton” earned to his delightful, unmatchable freestyling skills, Miranda provided light in a trying year. GIPHY put together a list of some of the star’s most shining moments in 2016:

"Hamilton" took the world by storm.
And midday #Ham4Ham performances steal the show for those of us who will never, ever get tickets.
... And it took home a Grammy, too.
And it's safe to say Lin had the best acceptance speech of all time.
Lin hopped in James Corden's car for a quick singalong.
We only wish we could be in the carpool where it happened.
And then he gave an inspiring Tonys acceptance speech.
In the wake of the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub, the "Hamilton" star gave a touching and heartrending speech.
He did his part to get out the vote.
There’s nothing Americans love more, than posting online who you should vote for. You tweet, and you snap, and you gawk, but if you don’t show up and vote, it’s all just talk.”
Then PBS released "Hamilton's America."
It's the perfect viewing choice for any devoted "Hamilton" superfan.
He called the shots for an "SNL" episode.
We were all so confident in his "never gonna be president now" shoutout to a certain host.
Then he freestyled like crazy on "The Tonight Show."
Rapping about corn mazes, robots and Harry Potter? No sweat.
Emma Watson joined Lin for even more freestyling.
He rapped about gender equality, no less. Truly an unstoppable duo.
Then Lin showed up on "Drunk History."
If only our formal education could be so delightful.
He wrote a book.
What do you mean, you haven't read every single one of Lin's notations on his lyrics in Hamilton: A Revolution?
And then "Hamilton" got restyled as "The Hamilton Mixtape."
Busta Rhymes + "My Shot" = Pure gold.
... And 2016 was just the beginning.

If that wasn’t enough, he also gave us this highly relevant freakout:

Lin, you’re just the best.

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