Lin-Manuel Miranda Supplied Us With Levity And Brilliance In A Trying 2016

There's a million things he hasn't done — but he's also done quite a lot.

How much do we love Lin-Manuel Miranda? We’ve counted the ways here on HuffPost Arts & Culture before.

Now, at the end of 2016, let’s look back at what has indisputably been the Time of Lin. He’s been a recurring bright spot in a year that, by most accounts, has been a veritable dumpster fire. During a drawn-out, mudslinging presidential campaign and an election that showed us we need outspoken artists more than ever, Miranda’s work and words have been both a call to arms and an entertaining refuge.

From the many awards his historical hip-hop show “Hamilton” earned to his delightful, unmatchable freestyling skills, Miranda provided light in a trying year. GIPHY put together a list of some of the star’s most shining moments in 2016:

If that wasn’t enough, he also gave us this highly relevant freakout:

Lin, you’re just the best.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Looking Really Stinking Cute