Lin-Manuel Miranda Had 'NDA' Chat With Kids Over ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’

The actor and composer didn't expect the breakout success of his catchy song in the Disney movie "Encanto," he told Jimmy Fallon.

Lin-Manuel Miranda joked about having an “NDA for toddlers conversation” with his two young sons over the breakout hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” that he wrote for the animated Disney movie “Encanto.”

Miranda, appearing on Friday’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” told host Jimmy Fallon he knew the track “was catchy because when I was first writing it, I would catch my kids singing it just from overhearing me writing it.”

“I remember I kind of had to have a NDA for toddlers conversation with them,” Miranda recalled. “I was like, ‘You guys can’t sing this at school, we can only sing this around the house because your friends don’t know the song yet.’”

“We don’t talk about ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno,’” Fallon and Miranda agreed.

The widespread popularity of the song surprised Miranda, he said, “mainly because group numbers never get the same kind of love that ballads or comedy songs get.”

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