Lin-Manuel Miranda Hosts Get Out The Vote Video With His 'Hamilton Family'

Video featuring "Hamilton" cast is part of the We All Vote project aimed at getting younger voters to the polls.

Some dozen “Hamilton” cast members pitched in acting, singing and pleading with Americans to get out and vote in a new song-and-rap video pitch hosted by playwright-performer-composer Lin-Manuel Miranda.

They refashioned lyrics from the Broadway hit about Alexander Hamilton to include an updated message about the critical 1800 election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. “Alexander Hamilton” was tweaked to focus on “Ordinary Citizen.”

The video is part of the “When We All Vote” project aimed at younger voters; co-chairs include former first lady Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, Janelle Monáe and Miranda.

Performers called on Americans to register to vote — and then to get off their couches to make a difference.

“A third of us weren’t willing to choose a direction, and 80,000 voters across three states was all it took to swing the whole election,” sings actor Daniel Yearwood, who plays Hamilton’s son in the current Broadway cast, referring to the last presidential election.

“Then the midterms came, and isn’t it a shame: A quarter of young people let the election go right past them,” sings Mandy Gonzalez, who plays Hamilton’s sister-in-law Angelica Schuyler in the Broadway production.

Miranda, who thanks the “Ham fam” for joining him, winds up: “Our nation is asking to hear your voice because November is coming and so is your choice. Now I’ve said this before, and it matters a lot. Do not throw away your shot. ... My future depends on this. Yours does, too.”

In a dig at President Donald Trump, he quips: “It’s fun to vote once. Do not vote twice.”

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