Lina Marulanda Dead: Colombian Supermodel & TV Presenter Dies In Apparent Suicide (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Lina Marulanda, Colombian Supermodel And TV Presenter, Leaps To Her Death

Colombian supermodel and television presenter Lina Marulanda jumped off the balcony of her sixth-floor apartment on Thursday and fell to her death, according to Colombia Reports.

Police believe that Marulanda committed suicide. She was said to have locked herself in her room seconds before leaping and was reportedly very distraught after recently divorcing her second husband, Carlos Onate.

Marulanda's friend Alejandra Azcarate told El Colombiano, "She wasn't going through an easy period, with her second divorce and most recent business. We were going to meet up these days, but she said she wanted to be alone."

Here's a video of Marulanda and Onate:

Last November, 20-year-old Korean model Daul Kim committed suicide in her Paris apartment. In June, 2008 20-year-old Russian model Ruslana Korshunova died in a suicide by jumping from her New York City apartment.

PHOTOS of Marulanda:

Here's a video of Marulanda on a TV show called "Dia a Dia."WATCH:

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