Lincoln Chafee Is '100 Percent' Sure He Wants To Run For President In 2016

One week after launching an exploratory committee for a 2016 presidential run, former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee told HuffPost Live on Thursday that he's certain he wants to enter the race for the White House, but he's waiting to make a final decision.

"I'd say 100 percent that I want to run, but this gives you some flexibility. People can always change their mind. But as I sit here right now, 100 percent, I want to run," Chafee said.

The Republican-turned-indepdendent-turned-Democrat will face a formidable challenger for the Democratic nomination in Hillary Clinton, but he told HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski that he isn't letting the Clinton machine deter his efforts.

"I haven't raised as much money as Sen. Clinton -- yet. I think she's in the hundreds of millions of dollars, so [I have] a little way to go," Chafee said. "But the main thing is [to] get out the message. The message is my record as a mayor, governor, U.S. senator. I don't think there will be anyone in this race that has served at the local, state and federal level."

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