"Lincoln, Life-Size": Abraham Lincoln's Fascinating Face (PHOTOS)

Abraham Lincoln has fascinated people ever since his presidency, and is one of the most visually recognizable presidents in U.S. history. In a new book (written by family members of HuffPost Books Intern Jessie Kunhardt, as blogged about a few weeks ago) called "Lincoln, Life-Size," Lincoln's face is examined in great detail as famous and little-known photographs are blown up to the actual size of his face.

Co-author Philip B. Kunhardt III points out that there are some startling differences in the right and left sides of Lincoln's face:

In some of the pictures Lincoln's right eye looks half-asleep while the left stares wide-open. Cover half the face and each side looks like it belongs to a different person, one appearing downcast and uncertain, the other determined. A person speaking with him would in a sense face two Lincolns, one soft and exhausted, the other fiercely alert.

The photographs that follow, shown here with with captions written for The Huffington Post by Philip Kunhardt, are from the book, and show the dynamic asymmetry of Lincoln's face.