This SUV With Gullwing Doors Would Make For The World's Coolest Carpools


These days, it's not shocking to see an SUV or minivan with things like built-in screens and Wi-Fi capabilities. But this concept for the new Lincoln Navigator, shown at the New York Auto Show Thursday, just won for world's ultimate carpool car.

The massive model, which according to its website was inspired by "luxury sailboats and yachts," is equipped with huge screens, an intercom system, video chat so kids in the backseat can see the driver, and the piece de resistance: gullwing doors like the Tesla X.

But lest you think this car's amenities are all for passengers, there's good stuff for the driver, too: Feast your eyes on the full wardrobe hidden in the rear.

Unfortunately, this Navigator is only a concept. The actual new model, which The Verve reports is slated to come out next year, might have some of the features, but those amazing, load-people-and-things-in-and-out-easily doors were installed simply to show off the interior to viewers at the show.

After all, as editor-in-chief of Road Show points out, "just look at how tall those doors are and imagine trying to open that in a parking garage."


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