Lincoln, NE Man Turns Hardship Into Happiness

Pepe Fierro had fallen on hard times. Upon relocating to Lincoln, NE, he discovered the apartment he was moving into did not exist, and was forced to sleep in the backseat of his car. At the moment when Pepe had nothing more to lose, he decided to follow his passion for art, food and design and open Pepe's Bistro!

Pepe, now an "architect of food," adopted a unique spin on traditional Mexican recipes and exclusively offers vegetarian Mexican food! He didn't stop there! While walking around his new community, he noticed how many other people were also commuting by foot and began collecting and fixing up old bicycles. Before he knew it, he was no longer just a restauranteur, but also the proud owner of the Lincoln Bike Kitchen! Pepe is determined to do what he loves while creating a sense of community and well-being for the people around him.

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