Republican Group Says Trump Just Became The 'Confederacy's Second President'

The president is honoring those who fought “to preserve slavery and uphold white supremacy," the Lincoln Project says.

A group of President Donald Trump’s conservative critics says he’s just earned a terrible new title after he again defended the Confederacy and vowed to continue to honor its leaders and generals.

“For all intents and purposes, Donald Trump today became the Confederacy’s second president,” the Lincoln Project said in a statement:

Confederate statues are coming down ― some by choice, some by force ― and the Confederate flag is being removed from public view amid anti-racism protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd. Earlier this week, NASCAR announced the flag would no longer be allowed at its events.

The Pentagon also said it was open to a bipartisan discussion on renaming the numerous U.S. Army bases that honor Confederate figures.

But Trump intervened and said he “will not even consider” it. That’s when the Lincoln Project called him out.

“No American should celebrate traitorous Generals whose actions resulted in the deaths of 620,000+ Americans,” the Lincoln Project wrote on Facebook.

The group was co-founded by conservative attorney George Conway ― husband of counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway ― and a number of other longtime GOP insiders, including Rick Wilson, Jennifer Horn and Steve Schmidt.

Last month, the Lincoln Project released a video that described the Confederate flag as the “flag of treason,” and noted that it keeps showing up at Trump and white supremacist events.

“What does it say that they’re all in for Trump?” the voice in the spot asks:

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