Lincoln Project Trolls GOP Senators With Biting Trump Impersonator Endorsements

The anti-Trump GOP group's new clips are scathing mock "endorsements" for Republican senators Susan Collins, Dan Sullivan and Steve Daines.

Three Republican senators are getting an endorsement they won’t exactly want as a President Donald Trump impersonator gives each one the treatment in a series of new videos.

The Lincoln Project ― a group of conservative never-Trumpers ― recruited comic J-L Cauvin, who is known for his uncanny presidential impersonation, to “endorse” senators Susan Collins (Maine) Dan Sullivan (Alaska) and Steve Daines (Montana), all up for reelection in November.

Cook Political Report rates both Collins and Daines as reelection toss-ups, with Sullivan listed as a “Likely R” seat.

Collins has tried to distance herself from Trump, saying she would not appear at the Republican National Convention and did not endorse him.

“As I said, I have a difficult race,” Collins told CNN last month. “And I am concentrating my efforts on that race.”

Critics say Collins likes to talk about being independent from the president, but ultimately sides with him ― including her vote to acquit him of all impeachment charges earlier this year.

Cauvin as Trump sums up that relationship in this spot:

Cauvin celebrated his participation in a Lincoln Project video.

“I feel like The Rock being added to the Fast and Furious franchise,” he cracked on Twitter.

The Lincoln Project ― co-founded by longtime GOP insiders including George Conway, Jennifer Horn, Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt ― has vowed to not only work against Trump, but also his enablers in Congress.

“This past January, Senator Collins, Daines and Sullivan all voted to acquit President Donald trump from the bogus Russian Witch Hunt,” The Lincoln Project said in a news release. “They’ve always had our President’s back, and he’ll always fight for them, too. Because of them, our great Republican Party is stronger than ever.”

Then the group offered a reminder of what’s on the line in November.

“President Trump wants you to remember that a vote for them is a vote for him and four more years of America First!” the organization said.

Given Trump’s popularity within the Republican Party ― he has a 91% approval rating among GOPers, according to Gallup ― it’s unclear how effective such ads will be in persuading voters.

Check out the other mock endorsements below:

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