Republican Group Relentlessly Dunks On 'Disheveled' Post-Rally Trump In New Ad

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project targeted the president's lackluster turnout in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a Jurassic Park-inspired attack ad.

The Lincoln Project is not letting President Donald Trump’s very underwhelming campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, slide.

In a new attack ad dropped Monday, the anti-Trump Republican group hit the president for the second time in two days over the mediocre turnout at the event, which was supposed to kickstart his bid for reelection but ended up falling significantly short of the campaign team’s jacked-up expectations. Trump, who often touts his crowd sizes as an indicator of his support, had boasted that more than a million people had registered to attend, despite criticisms of scheduling a rally amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He ended up addressing a venue ringed by vast sections of empty seats.

“Your campaign was so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should,” The Lincoln Project tweeted alongside their new video, titled “Disheveled.”

Created on a Jurassic Park theme, the video shows Trump walking to Marine One on his way to the rally, set to the movie’s triumphant overture. On his return from the rally at the 19,200-capacity BOK Center — which local fire officials estimated roughly 6,200 people attended — an amateur melodica rendition of the theme (known colloquially online as “the bad harmonica cover”) plays instead as a seemingly exhausted Trump disembarks the chopper with his tie undone.

A day earlier, alongside the release of another ad about the Tulsa rally’s lackluster attendance, Lincoln Project co-founder and Republican strategist Rick Wilson said Trump “can’t deliver on his wall. He can’t deliver on COVID-19 testing. And now he can’t even deliver crowds.”

Trump had prepared for a “record-setting” crowd, with his team establishing an overflow area outside the center where he and Vice President Mike Pence were supposed to give remarks before the rally. The outdoor appearance was ultimately scrapped when the was no overflow crowd.

The Lincoln Project’s video was viewed more than 3.5 million times Monday.