'Lincoln' At White House: Obama To Reportedly Host Screening Of Steven Spielberg's Latest

It looks like Abraham Lincoln's voice will be heard in the White House once again. Or at least Daniel Day-Lewis' historically accurate interpretation of Abraham Lincoln's voice. According to THR, President Barack Obama will host a screening of "Lincoln" at the White House on Thursday night with director Steven Spielberg and some of the film's cast in tow.

As THR notes, Spielberg was a big supporter of Obama during his reelection campaign. Even star Day-Lewis got involved in the political theater surrounding Obama and Mitt Romney. During the Britannia Awards in early November, the two-time Oscar winner goofed on Clint Eastwood's infamous Republican National Convention speech to an empty chair.

"I have to say that I'm so extremely grateful and glad that -- taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently reelected president of this country has made it here," Day-Lewis said to laughs as he pointed at an empty seat near him on stage.

"Lincoln" is one of the year's biggest Oscar contenders. Tony Kushner ("Angels in America") wrote the script and during the film's unofficial bow at the New York Film Festival, he said that the 16th president and the 44th president share a lot of similarities.

"I feel like I watched the Obama presidency very much through a Lincoln lens," Kushner said. "The movie is the movie, but it's been, I think, extraordinary to watch what I consider to be a great president in action while working on a film about a great president in action."

For more on what "Lincoln" might mean for Obama, check out Huffington Post executive arts and entertainment editor Michael Hogan's thoughts on the matter. For more on the "Lincoln" White House screening, hit THR.

[via THR]

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