Linda Ackley, Michigan Woman, Gives Birth After Doctors Say 'Hernia' Is Actually A Baby (PHOTO)

Woman Gives Birth After Doctors Learn 'Hernia' Actually A Baby

A Michigan woman got the surprise of her life after doctors told her what she thought was a hernia was, in fact, a 10-pound baby girl.

Linda Ackley, 44, gave birth by cesarean section on Feb. 8, according to MLive. Her daughter, Kimberly Kay, was born at 11:20 p.m., and the site reported that she is doing well.

Kimberly is the first child for Linda and her husband, Mike.

Writing on her Facebook page on Feb. 12, the new mother announced the news to family and friends:

What an eventfull [sic] weekend. Mike and I have blessed with a health [sic] baby girl and didn't know I was pregnant until the day she was delivered.

While not exactly a traditional pregnancy, Ackley's story is not quite as rare as one might think.

In fact, according to Huffington Post blogger and author Jena Pincott, 1 in 450 pregnant women doesn't realize she's expecting until more than halfway through the gestation period; 1 in 2,500 is unaware until she goes into labor.

In April, a Tennessee couple found out they were about to be become parents five hours before the baby was born. Amanda Prentice didn't know she was pregnant until after she was rushed to the hospital with mysterious seizures.

At the time, Prentice told WSMV she had no idea she was carrying a child.

"I never felt her move," Prentice told the station. "I wore the same clothes that I had worn for two years."

And in January, a nurse in Arizona who thought she might have kidney stones went into labor in a wheelchair while waiting for a doctor. Janae Colvard gave birth to a healthy girl soon after, according to USA Today.

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