Linda Cardellini Made Her First Television Appearance As A Contestant On 'The Price Is Right' (VIDEO)

Linda Cardellini is wowing critics and fans alike with her turn as Sylvia Rosen on "Mad Men." But she got her start on television by screaming and waving her hands above her head. Cardellini talked with guest host John Oliver on "The Daily Show" about her unexpected debut, which was on "The Price Is Right" when she was 19 back in 1994.

Her big prize on the show was a fireplace, which she has hung onto to this day. Why?

"'Cause it was the very first time I was ever on television," Cardellini explained. "So, once I was really an actress, I was going to put a plaque on it that said, ‘My First Time on Television,’ and be really proud of it. And so I kept it all these years and never bought the plaque. And I just put it up my house."

There is one drawback, though. "It looks terrible," Cardellini admitted.

Oddly enough, Cardellini isn't the only AMC star who took a turn on "The Price Is Right" -- "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul made an appearance on the show as well. He won a desk. Does he have it displayed in his house?

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