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Linda Evangelista's $46,000 Child Support Demand: How Can One Kid Cost So Much? (VIDEO)

A diamond-encrusted baseball mitt? A gold-plated sippy cup? Honestly, what does one four-year-old boy need that adds up to $46,000 a month?

The Wall Street Journal sat down to discuss what kind of costs Linda Evangelista's son Augustin James might require each month to justify his mother's $46,000 child support request.

What WSJ found was that for a wealthy New York City child with famous parents, it is quite easy to rack up a bill of close to $50,000 per month.

Costs including two full time nannies plus one backup (often a "manny"), two drivers, tuition at a elite private nursery school and the sort of posh extracurricular activites -- French lessons, chess lessons -- that will mold him into a perfect Harvard freshman one day.


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