Linda McMahon, Connecticut Senate Contender: Now Is The Time To Promote Offshore Oil Drilling

So, that Gulf oil spill! Not going well. Officials once again face the prospect that the magnitude of the disaster may have been underestimated. And this is all before the oil has started "rushing ashore". And you call that a worst-case scenario? THIS IS A WORST CASE SCENARIO. So, in short, things appear to be headed from TARFU to FUBAR, PDQ.

You know what might seem to be a really, really stupid thing to do right now, if you are running for elected office? This:

Fresh off news of the cataclysmic oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, [GOP Connecticut Senate contender Linda] McMahon recently distributed a mailer where she promised to put 'Connecticut back to work' by calling on the government to "increase offshore drilling and production."


McMahon says it's time to loosen the "burdensome regulations" that can "inhibit growth."

Drilling for oil near sensitive coastline ecosystems is a win-win, [says] McMahon in the mailer. "Offshore oil drilling will create jobs and increase energy supply without cost to the taxpayer," it reads.

Of course, as Greg Sargent points out, support for offshore drilling remains high. But the year is young!

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