Linda McMahon, CT Senate Candidate, Slammed By Mothers Group Over WWE Past (VIDEO)

Back in May, former Congressman Rob Simmons (R-Conn.) suspended his campaign against WWE CEO Linda McMahon, both of whom were vying for the GOP nomination for Chris Dodd's Connecticut Senate seat. But some of the criticism that Simmons hurled in McMahon's direction lives on today, in the form of a group called "Mothers Against McMahon":

A group of Connecticut women say they are leading a grassroots movement against Republican Linda McMahon's bid for a Senate seat because of her ties to pro wrestling.

The five women, part of Mothers Opposing McMahon, said Tuesday in West Hartford they are urging other parents and voters to not forget the wealthy business executive's ties as former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

On its Facebook page, the group describes itself as "a group of mothers & others who want to spread the truth about the explicit violence and degradation of women that is the core of McMahon's WWE enterprise." They include this video clip:

The group's video goes to great pains to point out that McMahon "marketed [the WWE] to children." This criticism mirrors that of the Simmons campaign, which made the same point in its own videos.

I'm looking forward to see how quickly Sarah Palin -- who has not, to my recollection, endorsed anyone in this race (despite being urged to do so by Ann Coulter, for Simmons) -- takes to her Facebook page to insist that these women are not "Mama Grizzlies," and why that is so (hint: because they are Democrats).

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