Linda McMahon's Campaign Ad Targets Country-Club Swells (VIDEO)

Linda McMahon's Campaign Ad Targets Country-Club Swells (VIDEO)

Linda McMahon is a wealthy lady from Connecticut with a yacht named "Sexy Bitch" who is running in the GOP primary for the Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Chris Dodd. But people worry about whether her past as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment will prevent her from "connecting" with voters. So, her ad gurus have come up with this spot (called "Cup Of Tea" -- see what they did there?), which instills in your mind the idea that McMahon will have no trouble at all reaching out to other wealthy ladies from Connecticut who do not yet own yachts, but nevertheless have a lot of idle time to cruise around leafy suburbs in their shiny new Ford Explorers.

Yes, right away, you will probably wonder, "Is this ad intended ironically?" But remember, we are talking about the GOP primary in Connecticut. This ad is inclusive of every single voter demographic relevant to that occasion. The truly noteworthy thing about this ad -- in which the two ladies mull whether they can get past McMahon's WWE involvement to vote for her -- is that it's essentially a direct response to Ann Coulter, a McMahon critic. Back in late May, Coulter assailed McMahon thusly:

Republicans are planning on running a World Wrestling Entertainment "impresario" against Blumenthal. Yes, in Connecticut ... a state that is among the wealthiest and most highly educated in the nation ... a state that isn't Minnesota. The average Nutmegger doesn't even know what a turnbuckle is, and that includes me.

But maybe ascot-wearing Connecticut ladies can move past all that!


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