Linda Sarsour Is Dangerous, So Let's All Stop Pretending Otherwise

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While I tend to vote for Republicans more often than Democrats, keep in mind that I live in the Northeast and Republicans in New Jersey tend to be fairly moderate, as I’d say I am.

I have numerous friends who are Democrats and admire many public officials who represent the Democrat party. I believe it is necessary for both major parties to be well represented and combine their ideas, because I think both parties have good ideas that should be implemented.

But if the Democrats were smart, they’d run far away from Linda Sarsour.

This is a woman who said that Ayaan Hirsi Ali – who was a victim of FGM, escaped brutal conditions, and now must travel with bodyguards 24/7 – deserves to have her vagina taken away because Sarsour doesn’t agree with her worldview.

She also paid tribute recently to Imam Siraj Wahaj, a man who was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and said homosexuality is a disease.

Sarsour praised Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer who escaped prison and fled to Cuba, where she has been hiding out for almost 40 years.

She has said so many disgusting things about Israel, that I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but I’d say her calling for a one-state solution that would completely wipe Israel off the map might be a decent starting point.

And, of course, there’s her most recent lunacy, which was calling for “Jihad” against President Trump and the American government. Her later claims about this – that she would never advocate violence and was instead referring to the literal definition of a struggle as opposed to the widely accepted definition of violent overthrow – are so ridiculously disingenuous, that I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic. Remember, she’s incredibly peaceful, except when she’s lauding the actions of a convicted cop-killer, an accomplice in a bombing, or cheering on Palestinians throwing rocks at Israelis as a profile in courage on Twitter.

Essentially, Sarsour’s nonsensical claim about what she “really” meant when she said “Jihad” has just as much credibility as the president of an organization who hates gay people trying to claim that he was talking about a pile of sticks when he yelled out the word “fagot.”

Let’s be clear here: Linda Sarsour was calling for violence against President Trump and the United States government, and if you believe otherwise, I’ll introduce you to the toothfairy.

I don’t know why elements of the left have embraced Sarsour: maybe it is because she is a loud voice against a president they hate, maybe it is because she is considered to be a member of an oppressed minority group, so people are afraid to call her on her insanity, maybe it is because some of these people actually agree with her. Hell, maybe it is a combination of all of the above.

Whatever the reason, she is a menace and a terrible person, and CNN’s Jake Tapper – who called Sarsour out for her horrific misdeeds and was labeled a member of the “alt-right” for his troubles because that’s the only defense Sarsour has in her repertoire since her actions are obviously indefensible – was 100% correct to say what he said.

Sarsour’s words and actions speak for themselves and I do not care what which God she prays to or which country she comes from, she is terribly and dangerously wrong in every way. And no matter what some people on the left have talked themselves into, she does not represent progressive values; she represents hatred and violence.

The sooner everybody en masse realizes this and properly shuns her for it, the better.

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