'Lindbergh Fights' Videos Of School Fight Club Posted To YouTube, Facebook Ignite District Investigation

Graphic Videos Posted Online Depict Real-Life School Fight Club

A Missouri school district has launched an investigation into videos posted online that appear to show activities of an organized fight club among students.

Posted to Facebook and YouTube under the title "Lindbergh Fights," the videos depict teens throwing punches in a field and parking lots around Lindbergh High School as spectating teens cheered.

School officials learned of the videos Tuesday after an email from "a concerned parent" tipped them off, the St. Louis Dispatch reports. The YouTube videos and Facebook page were removed within hours. KTVI's report above shows some clips from the removed videos. (WARNING: Certain segments can be graphic.)

Students interviewed by the Dispatch said the brawls were usually over girls, or "to gain respect." The matches spread by word of mouth and could draw crowds of up to 40 to watch.

Lindbergh High School Principal Ronald Helms told KTVI that the school has identified some of the students involved, and has talked with them and their parents.

While the school has involved county police, law enforcement officials say they cannot pursue a crime without a victim -- as no complaints or reports of the incidents have gone to the police.

District spokesperson Beth Johnston told KMOX that school officials discourage the dangerous behavior. But because administrators struggle to regulate the events and discipline students for actions that don't take place on school grounds.

"If it's in somebody's backyard, and everybody's willing, it's really hard to find anything to hold these kids accountable," Kevin Quinn, president of the National Association of School Resource Officers told the Dispatch.

Community members found the actions and videos "ridiculous" and "embarrassing."

"Like we wanted to be ballplayers when we were kids, They want to be like the big stars on Facebook and MTV and that kind of stuff," parent Phil Collins told KTVI.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this piece misspelled the name of Lindbergh High School Principal Ronald Helms by way of KTVI. We regret the error.

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