Lindora Richardson, Driver, Saves 6 Children From Flame-Engulfed School Bus (VIDEO)

Driver Saves 6 From Flame-Engulfed School Bus

Lindora Richardson, a 37-year-old school bus driver, managed to save six children before her bus erupted into flames yesterday in Charlotte, N.C., CNN reports.

The video shows the bus being engulfed in smoke and flames as a firefighter works to put it out. According to CNN's report, the fire happened Wednesday while Richardson was driving students home from the Chantilly Montessori Elementary school.

Richardson led the children to the back of the bus and caught them as they jumped to the street with no injuries.

District spokeswoman Tahira Stalberte told CNN that Richardson did everything correctly in a stressful situation.

"We are very proud of her and for her following proper procedures," Stalberte said. "It could have taken a very different turn had she not done her job correctly."

Richardson, however, doesn't consider herself a hero, she told local station WSOC-TV.

"I was just doing my job, I feel like the kids were heroes," Richardson said. "They stayed safe and calm under the whole situation, so I would call them the heroes."

According to the Charlotte Observer, the bus had been in the district's fleet since 1999, and officials believe the fire was caused by a problem with the bus's motor for a fan heater.

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