Lindsay Czarniak And Craig Melvin Get Married In D.C.

Media Match: Lindsay Czarniak And Craig Melvin Get Married

WASHINGTON -- While former NBC4 sports reporter Lindsay Czarniak left the nation's capital for a job at ESPN this summer, she returned to D.C. this weekend to marry Craig Melvin, a daytime anchor for MSNBC. The wedding ceremony was held at the Church of the Holy City with a reception following at the Hay-Adams Hotel.

As The Washington Post details, the relationship was not an instant hit and evolved since the two first met in 2008. After a couple false starts, the two tried to be together as much as possible following a dinner date at Cafe Atlantico where Melvin wore a Cliff Huxtable-style pullover sweater.

But they had to keep their relationship a secret from their colleagues over many months, the Post reports:

"We just wanted to hang out all the time," she says. And whenever she was with him, she felt calm and cared for. "Craig's the kind of guy that, when you're talking to him, he has this gift of making you feel like you’re the only person in the world that matters."

The two will live in Connecticut.

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