Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing Jewelry, Calls Allegations 'Bulls**t'


UPDATE III: TMZ now reports that a photo of Lohan wearing the necklace that was posted on the internet triggered the grand jury investigation -- and the photo is now available at TMZ.

UPDATE II: Lohan responded to the accusations, with TMZ quoting her as telling friends, "It's bulls**t ... I don't have any necklace." That doesn't explain how her friend had the necklace to return it, but more updates will come as the story develops.

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that Lohan is accused of removing the necklace from a store, and after police sought a warrant to search her home, one of her associates returned the necklace to the store. Police could still file charges.

Lindsay Lohan can't seem to avoid controversy -- and perhaps, legal trouble.

The former teen star, fresh off a stint of drug and emotional rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, is being accused of stealing jewelry in Los Angeles, reports. "A search warrant was requested Tuesday at the Airport Court to search Lindsay's house for the item of jewelry in question," the website quotes a law enforcement agent as saying.

The site claims that Lohan stole a high end necklace, and that law enforcement officials even have video of her wearing the piece in question.

This isn't the only legal peril Lohan is involved in right now -- she's been accused of assaulting a clinic in a drunken rage during her rehab stint, though the nurse that originally made the accusations isn't pressing charges -- allegedly, for a price. That staffer has since been fired.

This would be the second time Lohan was involved in a missing jewelry mystery -- in 2009, a $400,000 necklace from a shoot she did for 'Elle UK' went missing.

Lohan is already in danger of going back to jail thanks to the assault -- the judge in her case threatened to send her if she violated probation for her 2007 DUI one more time.

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