Lindsay Lohan: Why Has Amanda Bynes Not Been Punished?


Amanda Bynes has been making headlines recently for her run-ins with the law, causing many people to compare her to Lindsay Lohan, who is famous for her recklessness on the road. Now, Lohan has even taken a dig at Bynes, asking the question on everyone's mind: Why hasn't Bynes gotten into any serious trouble yet?

Lohan, who started her career as a young Disney star, called out the former Nickelodeon star on Twitter late Sunday:

Lohan is referring to Bynes' actions over the past few months, which include a DUI charge and two hit-and-run charges. Though her license has been suspended, Bynes was spotted driving around LA. recently and was even pulled over and subsequently let go with a warning.

However, over the weekend, Bynes was pulled over once again and her car has since been impounded. She's expected to appear in court later this month to face the charges against her.

In addition to her legal woes, Bynes' mental health has come into question, with witnesses telling TMZ they've seen her talking to herself and acting strangely. Bynes, however, has been telling friends that reports of her bizarre behavior "are being blown way out of proportion."

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

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