Lindsay Lohan Dons Bikini In Brazil: Rehab-Bound Star Flaunts Her Curves & Bruises (PHOTOS)

No, Lindsay Lohan is not pregnant (duh), but she is boasting a heck of a lot of bruises.

The troubled 26-year-old actress has been spending her days in Brazil, before she has to head off to court-ordered rehab for 90 days. On Monday, photographers snapped photos of Lohan soaking up the sun in a blue bikini that revealed some nasty bruises.

It's not clear how the "Mean Girls" star got the bruises in the first place, though TMZ suggests it might be due to her little stunt the other night when she ducked under a table at a nightclub. It's totally possible, but given that Lohan is naturally fair-skinned it's likely that she bruises easily. At least the marks on her leg don't look nearly as painful as the massive bruise on her arm she was sporting in January. Ouch. Seriously, ouch.

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