Lindsay Lohan's Birkin Bag Isn't Exactly Budget-Conscious (PHOTOS)

She might want to reconsider this accessory.

If you're looking for people to take pity on you and your dire financial straits, flaunting your flashy Birkin bag might not be the best idea.

Lindsay Lohan, however, plays by her own rules. With the tabloids trumpeting her money woes, Lohan headed to London for an extravagant vacation this weekend. She shopped at Harrods, dined at Cipriani and rested her head at the Dorchester, all the while swinging a pink ostrich Hermes Birkin bag from her arm.

Lilo actually appeared relatively put-together in her fur coat and boots... but behind the scenes, things are less than peachy. The Internal Revenue Service recently froze Lindsay's accounts, seeing as she reportedly owes $234,000 in unpaid taxes. The 26-year-old is having trouble paying rent on her Beverly Hills mansion, her storage locker is set to be auctioned off because she never paid the bill and one tabloid rumor had her sister selling off her designer wardrobe for quick cash. Oh, and then there was that loan from Charlie Sheen.

Luckily the pink Birkin bag appears to be the same one Lindsay tweeted about in September, before she received $100,000 from Sheen.

She hasn't sold it off yet... but she might want to consider it.


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lindsay lohan birkin bag

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