Lindsay Lohan Turns 26 Today, So Let's Look Back At Her Hair & Makeup (PHOTOS)

Today is Lindsay Lohan's birthday. Can you guess how old she is?

Judging by photos, it might be hard to tell. The little girl we knew in the "The Parent Trap" and the cinematic epic that is "Mean Girls" gave new meaning to the phrase "growing up fast."

The well-documented stints in jail, rehab and courtrooms contributed to Lindsay's fast-track to maturity. But Lindz's ever-changing beauty routine also made a huge impact. Her hair color, skin tone, even brow color have shifted and morphed dramatically over the years, as has her makeup routine (including clashes with questionably dark eyeliner, very bright lipstick and her very own brand of bronzer).

If anyone is the master of self-transformation, for better or for worse, it's Lindsay Lohan.

Check out the dramatic beauty looks from star of -- here we go -- "The Parent Trap," "Freaky Friday," "Mean Girls," "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," "Herbie Fully Loaded," "A Prairie Home Companion," "Just My Luck," "Georgia Rule" and the widely anticipated "Liz & Dick" (yes, she's acted in all those movies).

Lindsay Lohan's Most Extreme Beauty Looks

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