Lindsay Lohan Ditches Alcohol Ed For Iggy Pop, Cannes

Lindsay Lohan stands to go to jail if she doesn't complete 13 alcohol education classes by next Thursday, but she'll need to get back in town if she wants to attend them. TMZ reports that Lindsay has completed only nine classes and plans to leave Saturday for the Cannes Film Festival to promote her upcoming movie 'Inferno' about porn star Linda Lovelace.

Lindsay is currently in New York, where she attended an Iggy Pop concert in Williamsburg Wednesday night looking "totally wasted" according to x17.com. She forced her way in with an unannounced entourage of 30, the Daily News reports, and was shunned by other celebs such as Kelly Osbourne, Justin Long, Kate Bosworth and Alex Skarsgard once inside the VIP area.

Michael Lohan had the following reaction to his daughter going to see Iggy Pop.

"My God," he told x17. "Is this the kind of person Lindsay and others idolize???!! This guy looks worst than Jesus Christ on the cross. That's what heroin will do to you."

Thursday Lindsay partied at 1OAK Thursday night and is reportedly flying back to LA Friday before leaving for Cannes.