Lindsay Lohan Face Morph Video Shows Actress Age Rapidly (VIDEO)

It's been a banner week for Lindsay Lohan. First, it was confirmed that she'll appear as a guest star on "Glee" this spring. Then came her final court hearing Thursday, where she was taken off formal probation.

With all of this good news, we wanted to celebrate the triumphant return of Lindsay Lohan by looking back at photos of her over the years, but when we stumbled across this face morph video of the actress, we were at a loss for words.

The video -- just like the one of Britney Spears that hit the web a few weeks ago -- shows photos of Lohan throughout her 25 years. Her baby photos are cute, followed by images from her "Parent Trap" years, and then things get scary.

Lohan is no stranger when it comes to being ridiculed about her appearance. Even Blondie singer Debbie Harry, 66, was mistaken for her in New York recently. But thanks to the video, you can actually see Lohan add decades to her appearance in just a few short seconds.

Check out the video below! The last few images of Lohan are pretty dramatic, so watch at your own risk.


Lindsay Lohan