Lindsay Lohan Jail: No Lockdown Rehab Facilities Available Throughout U.S.

Lindsay Lohan should continue to savor these final moments of freedom, as it looks like jail time is becoming more of a reality.

We already knew Lohan wouldn't be able to complete her court-ordered 90-day rehab stint because no New York clinics offer a lockdown situation, which was part of her plea bargain. Now TMZ is reporting that no such rehab facility exists across the United States.

"There is no rehab that will hold you against your will, unless they feel the person is a suicide risk, and in that case they can hold the individual for 72 hours," Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of "Celebrity Rehab," reportedly told TMZ.

Sources say that Lohan's prosecution believed a lockdown rehab facility was a possibility as a substitution for her initial 90-day jail sentence. Sources with ties to the case reportedly told TMZ that Lohan's lawyer, Mark Heller, confirmed he could get her into such a facility.

Because the 26-year-old actress has a history of fleeing from rehab, a la Utah's Cirque Lodge in 2007 and California's Betty Ford Clinic in 2010, it seems questionable as to whether a typical program would be sufficient. Prosecutors are reportedly reevaluating to determine the best solution moving forward, with jail time remaining an option.

Let's see what Lindsay can do to try to get out of this one. In the meantime, we'll just leave her to her new boyfriend and continued partying.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story mislabeled the location of Cirque Lodge. It is in Utah.



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